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I’ve Had Enough

Pastor Jonathan Talley • March 4, 2024

This series reminds us that despite the uncertainty of the world and the pressure we place on ourselves, Scripture directs us to release that anxiety to God. When we do, we don’t have to lie awake at night. Our shortness of breath can be replaced by life-giving rest. We can feel a peace that goes beyond all understanding. We will be challenged to be open about our insecurities and recognize that we all suffer from them.

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Under Construction

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Unwavering Faith

Unwavering Faith

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Trusting God’s Direction

Trusting God’s Direction

Trusting God's Direction Pastor Jonathan Talley • June 2, 2024 In this special message from Pastor Jonathan, we learn that God's path for our lives isn't always clear, but it's trustworthy. Even though things don't always happen in our timing, we have to trust in...